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We serve
the ground-truth based
Annotation services

For Customer and Partner

AI annotation Service

By supporting various types of data processing tasks such as image, video, audio, text, 3D object, LiDar, etc.
Efficient processing of AI learning data applicable to all industries is possible.

AI annotation Tool

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AI AUTO Annotation Tool


Significant reduction in time 
Guaranteed accuracy improvement through with AI-powered automatic data labeling function and cloud-based operation

추상적 인 배경

Effective Project
Management Tool


Real-time management dashboard 

Flexibility to reassign Tasks/inspectors

Providing statistical information to
project completion

비디오 편집 타임라인

Optimized Work Templates 


2D box / 3D box
Polygon / line
Zoom in zoom out
class labeling

 Change brightness/saturation

AI Education

AI technology innovation and base expansion through industry-academia-research cooperation



Nurturing AI talent, supporting educational facilities, creating new AI technologies



AI technology innovation, AI industrial field training, Job creation

Central / Local government


Financial Guidance for Industry-University Cooperation System

Our Experience

Nexter AI works


Speedy with High Accuracy

We pursue Automation and a Cloud-based workers process system to complete projects quickly with Accuracy

#Cloud-based workers

#Auto Labeling

#AI Inspection


Customized Project Management

We pursue to support a variable requirement to find the ground-truth in Customer

#Widely Applicable         #Web-based co-works

#Re-Design guidance     #Flaxible API for Ser

#Cutomized Tools Development

QA_working image.jpg

Global AI collaboration chain

We pursue the global cooperation

#Global Support

#Global talents

#Localized Support



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For your NEXT, With Nextersystems
Our Customer

Customers and Partners




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